Wow! Look at that amazing blog you created. You go girl!

You are ready to make an impact.


You are ready to spread your message to the world.


You are ready to be an influencer!


...Or are you?


As you scroll through your Instagram feed and see people with bigger followings, better pictures, more time to post and engage with your audience, you don’t feel like an influencer.


You feel like a girl with an expensive hobby.


You feel like you’re not going to get to the place you want to be in your blog.


You want to be invited to exclusive events, be wined and dined, get free stuff just for posting!


Right? Who wouldn’t?


Well, girl. I’m going to need you to stop standing idly by when opportunities are literally right in your reach.


Your “Not good enough” mindset, your utter lack of confidence, and your inconsistent posting is keeping you from being great.


I want you to be great!

But, you’ve gotta want it yourself. You’ve gotta want to work with brands. You’ve gotta want to create amazing content. You’ve got to want to be an engaged and authentic influencer.


If that’s what you want, then you need to join the Blogger 2 Influencer challenge!

We’re starting on July 23rd! In this free 5 day challenge, we’ll be taking a deep dive into:


  • Establishing your niche, audience, and content
  • Strengthening your mindset and getting out of your comfort zone
  • Researching brands
  • Creating branded content
  • Pitching to brands


Each day, you’ll get some free group coaching with me where we will discover your pain points, limiting beliefs and what strategies will help you transform your blog.


This is an in-depth challenge so be prepared to share, share, share!


Also, be prepared to participate. In this challenge, participation is key because there is a couple prizes for those who are engaged and active!


Are you ready to start living that influencer life? Let’s do this!