Build a Thriving Social Media Presence!

In today's world, your business doesn't exist unless it's on social media. Not just one platform either. You need to be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. Oh, and you just read an article about Snapchat. Should you be there too?

It can all be overwhelming, frustrating, and if you're not using it the right way, completely useless!

With a growing to-do list, you just don't have the time to craft out social media graphics, blog posts, social media posts, Instagram or Snapchat stories, and everything else.

Instead of trying to do it all yourself, I can help you grow and manage your social media!

Why Work with Me?

I'm Brittney Moffatt, the social media strategist and content creator. I work with ambitious female entrepreneurs to transform their social media and content creation process!

I've studied and worked in marketing for over 6 years. Currently, I'm a Marketing Specialist at a multi-billion dollar company.

You can rely on me to take the stress of running social media and creating content off of you, so you can spend more time making sales!

What's In It For You?

Social Media Strategy

You'll get a social media plan crafted for your business and industry. This strategy includes what platforms you should be using, what content you should be posting, and the frequency of your posts!

Social Media Management

You spend more time making sales and acquiring clients while your social media is completely handled! I will plan out your social media weeks in advance, so you know you're present, without being present!

Social Media Engagement

You don't have to spend all your time engaging on social media. Let me find your audience, get them talking about your business, and interact with them while you focus on client work!

Content Creation

Beautiful, custom crafted and high quality content that will give you a professional look while also attracting your ideal audience and clients.


We work to establish a solid brand to create content from including color, fonts, and messaging. Stand out in the crowd by having branded content


Learn the strategies I've used to grow my following into the thousands over a few short months!


I offer three fabulous packages for social media management that include content creation, branding, and strategy. These packages were designed for entrepreneurs who want to spend less time stressing over social media and more time doing the things that they love in their business!

I also offer some a la carte services like account set-up, blog writing, and photography.

My monthly clients also get my guides for free, first dibs at my latest deals and offers, and the opportunity to promote their services to my blog audience!